For the NHL Awards at the John Bassett Theatre at the Toronto Civic Center in June, CBC LD Brad Dickson found himself relying on his 24 VARI*LITE VL3000™ spot luminaires. Although the trim was 27’, the set height was just 20’, and the point of focus was only 10’ to 15’ away in some places. The 10º to 60º zoom range on the VL3000s provided Dickson with the smooth, even beam spread he needed. Because the show was televised live, Dickson also needed fixtures that would provide nice skin tone colors and the VL3000s ability to "get the green out" came in handy.

As part of the design scheme, the NHL specifically requested that Dickson make the floor of the theatre look like an ice skating rink complete with gashes from the skates. Luckily he utilized the soft focus Glacier custom gobo in the VLs to give the space an "icy" feel. In addition to the 24 VL3000 Spot fixtures, Dickson's automated lighting rig also included six VL2000™ Spot luminaires and six VL1000™TS fixtures. All of the VARI*LITE automated luminaires were provided by Q1 Production Technologies.