PSL is the first video projection rental company in the UK and USA to invest in High End Systems' new Catalyst image-manipulation system. Catalyst, winner of five technical awards in 2001-2002, is a dynamic and flexible image manipulation system that turns ordinary video projectors into artistic tools. Based around a revolutionary orbital projection unit, Catalyst offers users a unique new tool that integrates the video and lighting industries. PSL has currently bought three Catalyst systems, two for the UK and one for its US division.

Mick Scullion, head of PSL's lighting division says: "At PSL we aim to offer our clients the latest in equipment and creativity. We have bought Catalyst because it uses the most up-to-date technology to produce a system that can create visual effects never seen before. By having Catalyst we will be able to offer our clients new levels of creativity and flexibility within their shows. All our lighting designers have shown great interest in the product and feel that it will give a new visual dimension to all our live shows, be they corporate events, product launches, or concerts."

PSL is also in the exclusive position of being able to offer clients an in-house graphics and video production facility to complement the Catalyst system. PSL can create hybrid video sequences, 3D animation, and custom-made graphics to clients' specifications that will make any presentation or performance unique.

Janet Smith, managing director of PSL Los Angeles and Nashville says: "We are all very excited at PSL to be able to integrate the Catalyst system with video projection. This will allow us to offer our clients even greater use of video as a creative tool and in turn enhance the production value of our events."

Says Ian Brown, regional sales manager for the UK and Ireland, "We are delighted that PSL has seen the massive potential of the Catalyst system and look forward to a great relationship together."