Projected Image Digital (PID), a "one-stop" solutions-based company providing digital media server products, digital content, training and programming services, is showcasing several new products at PLASA 2004. These products are focused in the increasingly convergent worlds of show lighting and video. Among the new products featured, PID will be showing Element Labs' VersaTile LED tiles and Versa™Tube, new gobos from Beacon AB and Projected Image UK, and the new products listed here.


From IRAD, developers of the RADlite digital media server, PID previews the myRAD software, an entry-level introduction to the RADlite family and a low-cost alternative for creating visual effects via DMX controllers. myRAD is ideal for use in smaller venues, such as clubs, theatres, arts spaces and site specific environments that wish to incorporate video-based graphics and imagery into their design projects.

Catalyst V3 and DV v1.0 Digital Media Servers from High End Systems

The Catalyst V3 digital media server provides four to six layers of streaming video playback with dual or single output options. The latest Catalyst Pro v3.2 Media Server and Catalyst Pro v3.2 software allow users to create virtual scenery with up to six layers of digital media and highly flexible real-time rendered visual effects. There is now twice the impact with two independent signals to two outputs – effectively two media servers in one.

Catalyst DL1

The DL1 fuses the creative worlds of automated lighting and video projection. DL1 has the ability to incorporate almost unlimited media content into one fixture and gives complete, real-time control when used in conjunction with Catalyst Software.

Images can be pulled from DVDs, videos, graphics libraries, and other media sources and projected onto any surface. It also allows the projection of laser-like aerial effects and, using the "motion control," imagery can be projected anywhere in a 3D space. Full control is retained over image sizes and focus, and the digital projection facilities offer a flat, even field with a high contrast ratio.


PixelMAD is an Apple® MAC based system enabling video playback to be input to DMX devices (e.g. lighting fixtures), dramatically reducing programming time for producing complex patterns and effects. Multiple QuickTime™ movies can be mixed in layers together on screen, and output as DMX, which is then sent to the chosen lighting fixtures/surface.

D-Tek Industries

Projected Image Digital first previewed these products at PLASA 03. Since then, D-Tek Industries has spent much time and resources into evolving and fine-tuning its innovative range, exclusively distributed through Projected Image Digital.

D-Tek products at PLASA 04 include:

D-Switch Pro: Allows the switching of four video inputs (video clips, DVDs cameras, etc) to four outputs (LED panels, projection screens or surfaces, etc) via DMX or RS232 control.

D-Mix: switch and mix four video inputs to one video output via DMX or RS232 control.

D-Mix Pro enables the switching, mixing, and matrixing of four video inputs to four video outputs–via any DMX controller –and is perfect for use with multiple sources and outputs, e.g. a number of Digital Media Servers or cameras and multiple projectors or screens.

Check out the new range of TFT display screens. The Flagship model is a feature-rich 40" SDI enabled TFT display that utilizes pixel-to-pixel digital video technology. The range opens with a Dual 7" TFT rack display up to the 40" TFT that accepts SDI, RCB-S, S-video, DVI, VGA, CVBS and YpbPrs.

Digital Content

Projected Image Digital offers an ever-growing catalogue of royalty-free digital loops designed for use with a digital media server or DVD player along with a custom content production service and access to over 65,000 image files.