introduces the Power Spot 250 and Power Wash 250 moving head fixtures. The Power Spot 250 includes an on-board 4.9mW red laser effect and a rotating gobo wheel with six interchangeable, indexable gobos, including four metal gobos, one glass gobo, and one multi-colored dichroic gobo. A separate color wheel contains 11 dichroic color filters plus open. The Power Wash 250 features a CMY color mixing system; six dichroic filters plus white, along with 3200K, 5600K and UV filters; and a 180° beam shaper. Beams can be rotated by 90degrees.A frost filter on the same wheel can be used to soften the intensity of beams. Additionally, the beam angle can be manually adjusted from 8 to 22 degrees. Both units have a pan movement range of 530(DG) and tilt movement range of 280 degrees; feature 8/16 bit movement resolution; and a 250W discharge lamp.