Since beginning his career at Theatre Projects in 1978, Peter Ed has worked with some of the industry’s most influential entertainment technology companies. This month Ed is launching PE Consulting, to provide business development expertise to entertainment technology and themed entertainment companies that wish to grow business in new markets and countries.

"The most successful companies involve everyone pulling in the same direction and all resources having the same end in mind," said Peter. "PE Consulting looks at all aspects of marketing from growth planning and international market development, marketing strategy and product pricing, to internet marketing and customer relationship management, image building and public relations. As an external consultancy with an impartial viewpoint, PE Consulting enables its clients to focus more clearly on the direction of their organisation, advises on what resources and which elements of the marketing mix are most appropriate to achieve these objectives, and sets it all out in a detailed, time framed plan."

Ed is well known to many people in the entertainment industry and brings with him nearly 25 years experience in practically every aspect of his profession. He has previously worked with Arri (GB), Strand Lighting, and ETC. Having worked all over Europe, North America, and Asia in various market sectors including the cruise and leisure industries, Ed was also instrumental in the founding of the Themed Entertainment Association Europe.