Pathway Connectivity

announces the creation of a new industry partnership, the Pathport Alliance.

The alliance is made up of major lighting control manufacturers that have undertaken to implement the Pathport Protocol in their products. “This alliance extends the power and flexibility of Pathport to a variety of respected lighting control platforms. Users will be able to connect these controls directly to a Pathport network,” explains Graham Likeness, Pathway’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “This provides users with a powerful, yet economical arrangement for patching, merging, prioritizing and distributing up to sixty-four universes of DMX.”

The Pathport Alliance is currently comprised of Entertainment Technology, Flying Pig Systems, Interactive Technologies, High End Systems, MA Lighting and Pathway Connectivity. Additional manufacturers have expressed interest and are expected to join in the near future.

Interactive Technologies’ Rob Johnston comments, “All of us at Interactive Technologies are excited about the interesting new products that can be based on DMX-over-Ethernet and ACN technologies. Our technology partnership with Pathway Connectivity in the development of Pathport compatible products allows us to deliver new state-of-the-art lighting control network products.”

Pathport is a revolutionary Ethernet based device that facilitates the distribution of up to 64 universes of DMX lighting data. Launched at LDI 2000 in Las Vegas, Pathport earned an LDI Product of the Year award (lighting software & tools category). Last year Pathport Manager software was recognized with an Entertainment Design Magazine EDDY award for Lighting Software Product of the Year.

The largest and oldest company in the business, Pathway has been defining the future of lighting network functionality for more than a decade.

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