, the avenue for advance-programming lighting services and on-site visualization support, announced the launch of its new website.

Co-founder Tom Thompson, based in the company’s San Francisco office, noted: “Of particular interest to those new to using visualization software – as well as the idea of creating in-depth virtual design prior to entering the venue – is a section of the web called Results. There you’ll find the output of virtual designs, shown against real photos of the events. There is also a collection of fully rendered images. This demonstrates the kind of detail and degree of finesse that can be achieved from using the Prelite approach.”

Rodd McLaughlin of the New York office added: “With the new web design, we intend to communicate a clearer idea, just by taking a tour through our website, of what clients can achieve at our studios. It's really just the beginning of what we hope to accomplish with our web presence."

The two images below show just that. The first is a rendered image from Strike Long Island, with lighting design by David LaVigna of Connecticut-based Simply By Others. This was one of a series produced as a function of advance-programming at Prelite New York. The second photo is an actual photo of the installation just east of Manhattan.

Prelite rendered image of the bar in Strike Long Island

Photograph of the bar area for Strike Long Island

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