Element Labs Inc. announced the launch of the NeoFlex™ range of LED-based, flexible, neon replacement fixtures. The NeoFlex LED light tubes look exactly like neon, but unlike neon, NeoFlex light tubes are easy to install, durable, low maintenance, consume 70% less power and have a long life.

These benefits are achieved by a row of LEDs placed inside a special diffusing plastic tube that creates smooth light output with high intensity and no hot spots. The flexible packaging allows the product to be cut to custom lengths on site.

NeoFlex light tubes are perfect for any application where neon is normally used: channel letters, curved signs, and accent lines are all easy to install. The product’s energy efficiency, safety, and durability make it suitable for some applications where neon may not be an option.

NeoFlex light tubes come in two intensities—Standard and High Output—and a range of standard colors including red, green, blue, and amber. High and low voltage versions (240VAC, 120VAC, 24VDC) are available.