Robert Mokry, a 13-year veteran of High End Systems, has returned to the company effective Oct. 29 to take on new roles associated with the company's restructuring and renewed growth.

Mokry will wear several hats: as High End Systems University director, as a liaison with customer relations, as instigator of special projects and as a general vibe master.

Says John Wiseman, VP of Worldwide Sales, "It's a real pleasure to have Robert back at High End. We're excited that he's going to direct High End University as well as to help foster our customer relations. His depth of knowledge of the industry builds upon the foundation that he helped make solid when he was at High End up until the past few years."

Says Lowell Fowler, Chairman, "Robert was always the most in-tune of our sales staff. We think he will bring harmony to the sales team and our customer base. And we needed another guitar player."

Mokry will be based at the automated lighting manufacturer's headquarters in Austin, Texas.