When Mexican superstar Cristian Castro embarked on his 60-date tour this month, he chose Plaza de la Constitucion in el Zocalo, the heart of Mexico City’s downtown area, as the opening venue. About 45,000 people gathered to see Castro’s performance, enhanced by a stunning light show designed and programmed by Javier Jasso "Kito".

Cristian Castro

The light show included eight of the newly-launched iSpot 575 EBs as part of a large complement of Coemar fixtures. Coemar introduced the iSpot and iWash 575 EBs in direct response to the touring market's request for lighter, brighter products, with the reduction in size benefiting trucking and handling requirements. The combination of the electronic ballast’s controllability and a superior optical path has resulted in these fixtures becoming the brightest and most lightweight in their class, the company says.

LD Javier "Kito" Jazo

The LD dipped into the Coemar inventory of locally-based rental company Simply Professional. In addition to the 575 EBs, Kito’s rig also featured 22 iSpot 575s, 12 ProWash 575s, and a SuperCyc 2.4, as well as other automated luminaires. The cues were programmed and operated from a Flying Pig Systems Wholehog III console. The Coemar lighting was supplied by Hermes Music, Coemar’s Mexican distributor.