Martin Professional

's new Maxxyz lighting console is set to hit the market in a matter of weeks, and the company is laying the groundwork by training and certifying Maxxyz instructors worldwide. As part of a comprehensive introduction strategy, Martin began conducting Maxxyz training classes at its Danish headquarters for instructors. The first round of participants completed a two-day certificated training program at the Martin headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark, in early August. A new group of instructors will be trained every two weeks so that by the end of September Martin's worldwide distribution network will be prepared for customer demos and Maxxyz operator classes.

Martin's international education manager, Gerald Heise, led the classes, aimed at educating Martin's Preferred Partners throughout the globe. He commented, "A positive integration into the market requires dedicated product and market knowledge on behalf of sales and after-sales personnel. We're taking care of this by asking them to join an in-depth product and market training in which personnel in every market complete a Maxxyz instructor certification. Their task will then be to convey their knowledge to their local market. In a separate training we are educating Maxxyz operators with a focus on artistic skills. They will be employed as support personnel on larger events or productions."

The Maxxyz console will be on view at the upcoming PLASA exhibition in London.