Lighting designer and director of photography Samer Kaddoura used a rig with 97 Martin Professional automated fixtures to light Superstar, a Pop Idol-style reality entertainment contest broadcast by Beirut-based Future Television International. The event gripped the Arab world and culminated in the crowning of the “Arab Superstar” for 2003. The contest lasted 21 weeks, with thousands of contestants from Arab countries reduced to 12 finalists by viewers who voted by telephone, text message and online.

The final competition was held on a huge industrial-style stage at Future TV studios: a well-designed, busy set of multi-platforms and staircases of metal lattice that was bathed in a wealth of MAC color. Samer incorporated 97 moving lights, flown and floor-positioned, made up of 44 MAC 600 washlights, 30 MAC 500 profile spots, 9 MAC 2000 Profile, 8 MAC 2000 Performance and 6 MAC 300 washlights. All MACs were supplied through Martin Middle East.

Samer used the large number of color and pattern effects at his disposal, including animation effects from MAC 2000 Performance, to differentiate songs and produce unique looks for each contestant. Lighting programmers were Georges Kerbaj and Samer Kaddoura.

The show was a big hit among Arabs worldwide and the top rated show in the Arab world throughout its run. "There isn't a television program that moved the Arab world like that," said Ali Jaber, executive manager of Future Television.