Coemar's LineaLed feeds our creative fantasy. It provides a new way to design with light, to emphasize shape and form, and to increase depth of the visual field with almost infinite color.

LED illumination offers the user numerous advantages: considerable power reduction, extreme durability, size minimization, high resistance to shock and vibration, and minimum heat generation. This product requires minimal maintenance because the very low heat generated by the led light source ensures that it does not superheat the structures where it is installed.

LineaLed is a very thin structure and its extreme flexibility allows it to illuminate spaces where other lighting systems could not be placed. It is suitable for, and can be fixed to, any type of surface or it can be inserted into a flexible polycarbonate square tube housing.

LineaLed is modular and is available in a range of colors and models.

LineaLed 1ch: flexible led strip, available colours white (W), yellow (Y), red (R ), green (G), blue (B), front or side projection

LineaLed 1ch Power: flexible led strip, white colour and very high light intensity, front projection, density of 100 leds per meter

LineaLed 3ch: flexible led strip, available colours white (W), yellow (Y), red (R), green (G), blue (B), front projection, density of 50 leds per meter, three control channels allow a “chase” effect to be created.

LineaLed RGB: flexible led strip, alternating the red, blue and green colour leds. Leds are very close to each other and this makes it possible to produce an almost infinite range of colours thanks to the three-channel control. Front projection and density of 100 leds per meter, 30 for each colour.

LineaLed Multicolor: flexible led strip, each led containing red, blue and green colour. By means of three control channels and power variation at the leds, it is possible to generate an almost infinite range of colours. Projection is via the front and density may be 100, 67 or 50 leds per meter.

The power-supply system is also modular and adapts itself to a wide range of different applications, regardless of their dimensions.