Tobacco giant RJ Reynolds, sponsors of the NASCAR racing circuit, have contracted mobile marketing company Spevco Inc. to create five promotional tents for the 2002 NASCAR season. Used to promote RJ Reynolds brands of cigarettes, the tents travel around the country to every NASCAR Winston Cup event.

South Carolina-based Production Design Associates (PDA) has delivered the automated lighting package for these tents, including a range of Martin equipment. Jeff Nickles of PDA and Larry Borden of Spevco created the design with assistance from Martin's Jerry Seay.

MiniMAC Maestro image-projecting moving heads sweep custom glass Winston gobos onto the roof, which is bathed in color from a wide-throw Martin Exterior 200 color changer. Two CX-4 color and pattern changers project into the back of the tent which features a large rotating cigarette pack. Inside the pack itself are two Martin Destroyers, which project light out of the top. Each tent has a Jem TechnHaze machine for atmosphere, and control is from a Martin 2510 controller.