Lighting designer Gene Lenahan and master electrician/programmer Ken Jones have formed a new partnership, Second Sight, offering design, WYSIWYG, and virtual programming services. Their website ( officially launched on August 1.

Lenahan offers over 20 years experience as a lighting designer for a variety of events including corporate multimedia productions, exhibits, television, theatre, opera, and dance. Jones has 18 years experience as a master electrician and lighting programmer.

Working together for 10 years, the two have been using WYSIWYG for the past two years. They have built a powerful new WYSIWYG system allowing control of 10 DMX universes simultaneously and using top of the line graphic cards, dual xeon processors, and dedicated software. Their service includes the ability to take the client, producer, director, and/or production manager through a virtual walk-through of a show prior to final production.