LD Assistant is a complete CAD program that incorporates an extensive paperwork system and real-time visualization of lighting cues with photorealistic rendering. Designers do not need AutoCAD, but there is a plug-in for AutoCAD.

The Real-time Show Visualizer is a built-in console with bi-directional DMX and Ethernet communication. It supports up to 3,072 DMX Channels using Art-Net and will connect any DMX or Ethernet console to LD Assistant or AutoCAD and control: dimmers, moving lights, conventional lighting, saved scenes and cues, curtains, backdrops, and props, fade and wait times, pre-cue with audio, and more.

LD Assistant also enables designers to open and work with any AutoCAD file including 2004, without having to import or face any number of frustations trying to get it to work. It is also the only lighting design program that is 100% compatible with AutoCAD.

Since LD Assistant uses lifelike people, plants, etc., designers can better envision how prospective designs will look. Plus, designers can place clients or actors in their next show. The application also has the ability to create realistic FX, which will only enhance the designs.

For more information, go to www.ldassistant.com.