The 90-year-old Royal Theatre in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, has undertaken a $3.5 million renovation project, including the addition of an automated lighting package for the first time. The Royal is home to the Victoria Symphony and Pacific Opera Victoria. The Royal Theatre is closing from July 2 through September 15 to complete the renovations.

Technical director Blair Morris has specified 12 Vari*Lite® VL1000™ ellipsoidal reflector spotlights (ERS) to be incorporated into the theatre's existing conventional lighting system. "This new lighting package is going to have a substantial impact for our local groups and on some of the smaller shows," Morris said. "We will be able to put production values on shows by the local opera company or recitals by high school dance groups that they would have never been able to experience."

The renovation includes replacing the theatre seats and remodeling the dressing rooms, and upgrading the electrical power. "A lot of our clients depend on the house lighting system," Morris continues. "All of the improvements are being made with them in mind. And we are definitely going to make the major opera designers aware that the fixtures are available." The automated system will also save hundreds of hours a year on basic tech time. Complete lighting equipment information is available at the theatre's website.