James Thomas’s Pixel LED division launched four exciting new products at PLASA 2004: PixelPAR 24ec (enhanced control), Pixelpipe 48ec (enhanced control), Pixelpup range (enhanced control), and Pixelline 110ec (enhanced control).

The Pixel team shared the James Thomas stand with their core business colleagues from both American and British manufacturing operations. Along with the new Pixel products being launched, the JTE team also highlighted a selection of the industry standard JTE products, including trussing, ground support systems and their diverse range of theatrical lanterns.

PixelPAR 24ec (enhanced control)
This is a high power projector, using 24 1 - 3 Watt Luxeon emitters in RGB and Amber, thus providing a full spectrum output. The lightsource is the same as the popular PixelPAR 90(A) architectural fitting, and the unit uses the same streamlined mechanical housing. The standard beam angle is 4 degrees. A choice of six different holographic film discs use refraction to expand and widen the beam as required.

Enhanced DMX control
The new ‘ec’ facility is available on all latest generation Pixelrange products. Advantages include the ability to set a selection of user-definable dimmer curves, which eliminate "steppiness," and ensure ultra-smooth fading throughout the cycle. The curve information is stored in the head of each Pixel fixture. 16-bit dimming gives the user a choice of dimmer curves to suit different applications, such as greater control of intensity at low levels.

PixelPipe 48ec (enhanced control)
PixelPIPE is a fully self-contained linear Luxeon wash projector, with Ethernet or DMX control, offering an even and seamless wash effect. It’s ideal for covering large areas, displays, signs and walls, and each 1200mm pipe includes 4 x 300mm cell featuring 12 LEDs – RGB and amber per cell. Pixelpipe is available in a single row of pipe, which has a base station, fully self contained and fitted with easy power and data in/out. Pixelpipe is also available equipped with six pixelpups, ideal for accent/key lighting. Each head and 300mm RGBA pipe pixel cell is independently controlled, or simply programmed as a whole.

The same highly versatile Pixel fixture will therefore provide both wall wash and key lighting simultaneously.

PixelPUP range (ec)
PixelPUP is a range of ‘next generation’ Luxeon projectors, capable of indoor, outdoor, and submersible applications (up to 3 m). The fixture features a familiar PAR 36 footprint and replaces the incandescent light source with Luxeon emitters offering all the benefits of LEDs, in a IP68-based housing. PixelPUPs can be clustered together as a mini six-lamp bar (as used with pixelpipe) or used individually.

Pixelline 110ec
The industry standard Pixelline 1044 fixture’s new ‘brighter brother’ is designed for high output wash illumination, using five cells of RGB and amber 1 - 3 W Luxeon emitters.

Housed in the same tough mechanical housing as the immensely popular 1044 batten, the Pixelline 110 (ec) is double the output of the PixelPAR 90(A) in a linear package, complete with forced air cooling, from our patents pending heat management system. Five cell resolution using RGB and Amber LEDs offers full spectrum reproduction. The standard beam angle is 4 degrees, and holographic films offer six options of expanding beyond this, using the innovative refraction method.

Other popular PixelRange fixtures on show included:

Pixelline 1044: The touring industry standard LED batten, as seen on tour with Scissor Sisters, Massive Attack, Oasis, Radiohead, The Charlatans, Phil Collins, Primal Scream, and many, many more, plus many more television programs on both the BBC and ITV networks.

PixelPAR 90 (A): This indoor and outdoor architectural fixture has featured in Glasgow’s newest multi-purpose arts and entertainment space Oran Mor. PixelPAR 90(A)s are installed to illuminate Cadogan Hall in Chelsea, the new home of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and have also been in action lighting the Toyo Ito Pavilion sculpture at Battersea Power Station.