James Thomas featured its comprehensive ranges of trussing, tower and ground support systems, including the new Mini Tower trussing system, and theatrical lanterns. The latter include the legendary aluminium PAR can, cyc lights, spot banks, and light battens.

Mini Tower system
This trussing system from JTE is a small ground support tower designed to lift loads of up to 1000 kg to a maximum height of 7.5 m in a three or four tower configuration; 7.5 m in a goal post (two tower) configuration with the outrigger section fitted as a single tower with the outrigger arms fitted.

The Mini Tower is 19cm square of four tubes diagonally braced to provide an adjustable height. These simply fit together using four Superlite pins to join. The truss rig is adapted to the tower system via suitable sleeve frames for the type of truss being used, and the sleeve frames are fitted with four wheels which allow the truss rig to rise up and down the tower smoothly. The whole system is lightweight, simple to use and occupies minimal space.

Truss and SuperTruss
JTE also featured examples of its large, versatile range of standard aluminium trussing, ground support, and roofing structures. JTE trussing and aluminium products are in clubs and destination venues of all types, large scale festivals, theatres, concert tours, theme parks, visitor attractions and retail environments.

The most popular aluminium products include GP (general purpose) trussing, SuperTruss, Super Lite, Moving Light Truss, Circular truss, towers, roof systems, catwalks, follow spot chairs and a whole selection of rigging accessories.

JTE’s 30.5cm x 30.5cm SuperTruss is designed to offer all the advantages of the 52cm SuperTruss in a 30.5cm x 30.5cm layout, increasing the load bearing capacity substantially over standard GP 30.5cm x 30.5cm truss.

PAR Cans
PAR cans are available in many different shapes, sizes and colours, and in both indoor and outdoor versions, from the standard black PAR 64 lantern to the silver A1604 PAR 16.

Cyc Lights
JTE’s asymmetric Cyc lights all feature a high quality electrostatic paint finish and robust yoke, complete with T-bar for positive lock-off. Cyc lights can be used flown in the air or floor-mounted, with the body of the unit having an inbuilt 30 degree angle floor-mount facility. Optional floor mounting plates are also offered for adjustable angles. The units have adjustable lamp-holders behind a chrome-plated safety mesh, and the gel frames are easily removable. JTE’s Cyc lights all feature ventilation slots to prolong bulb and gel life. They are available as single, two, three, four (linear and 2-up-2-down format) and six cell units.

Spot banks,br> Spot banks are available in various configurations of PAR 36 lamps. The Spot Banks are designed for easy use, featuring robust lightweight aluminium construction, semi-gloss black electrostatic paint finish and heavy duty yoke with positive lock-off. The lock-off is achieved using a T-bar to enable the unit to be set at any desired angle. In addition to these features, each lamp bank will pan independently to alter the lighting angle. Lamp changing is simple due to quick-release knobs on lamp’s front retaining ring. The retaining rings are chrome plated and are fitted with a safety mesh. Units can be supplied with stand-off colour frames if requires, and with two- or four-way barn doors. Adapters are also made for all the major brands of color changers. Spot Bank units can also be supplied wired or unwired, and custom sizes are available to order. TV spec units include a TV spud, bolt set, four-way barn doors and internal partition.

Light Battens
The Par 16 Batten is designed to use MR16 12V lamps. Manufactured in aluminium for a tough lightweight construction, the battens are finished in black electrostatic paint. The unit has extremely good ventilation to aid lamp life and the color frame has been kept as far away as possible to prolong gel life. Printed circuit boards, lamp-holders and lamp failure neons, ensure reliable operation with minimum maintenance. Color frames come in pairs with quick release knobs. Bulb changes are made simple with quick-release catches and slide-in lamp-holders. All these features make this unit extremely user friendly. Supplied as standard with one pair of floor plates and color frames.