i-vision has completed a state-of-the-art lighting, laser, and audio installation at a new London club, Club Supreme in Vauxhall. Owner Nick Derry of Atomic Creations, an experienced club promoter, desired a trendy venue with high production values to entice clubbers and give promoters everything necessary for a great clubbing experience.

Situated in a railway arch location, the venue lent itself to some dynamic lighting and effects designs. The equipment spec was at the top of the agenda, and Derry chose i-Vision, and the company worked closely with Derry on the visual and sound designs and ideas to produce a specification to meet his aesthetic, technical and budgetary needs.

Lighting, Lasers, and Effects, Oh My!

The main room, meant to be the house music haven, features seven GLP YPOC 250 Spot moving lights and two Coef DVP 250 scanners, complete with custom Club Supreme gobos. There’s also a Griven UV cannon, two mirror balls, an Antari S-100II snow machine, six i-Vision Lumos LED strips, a Gem ZR33 smoke machine, a Gem 24/7 hazer and an Antari B-200 bubble machine. Main room lighting is driven by an SGM Pilot 2000 desk. i-Vision has also supplied a BenQ 2,500 Lumen XGA video projector.

"The idea was to have a huge variety of effects available" explains i-Vision’s project manager Luke Dodd, "so the environment can change the spatial dimensions–becoming anything from smoky, moody, and intimate one minute, to large, colorful with light beams abounding the next. We were very happy with the way the installation came together given the short timescale. A lot of effort went into procuring the highest spec kit available, and we’re confident the combination will be outstanding to all those who work, play, and perform at Club Supreme."

The Laser is a top-of-the-range i-Vision Performer 4000 MC (multi-colored) system, complete with Pangolin PC control. Four bespoke 3x3m motorized screens are strategically placed around the room for lasers and projections.

Another room, the Funky/US house room, features 12 i-Vision Lumos 400 LED strips into the scheme. These are utilized for subtle or rapid changing of the environment’s ambience as they wash the arched ceilings and walls. There are also three GLP Junior Scan 2s, a Martin Atomic 3000 strobe, a Martin Magnum hazer and a Sunlight PC-based DMX controller.

The chill-out arches are lit with 22 Lumos 3 LED "Birdie" fixtures featuring the new i-Vision LumosDrive 36 LED driver. They emit a soft, pleasant quality of light, ideal for enhancing the mood of the area. The main entrance’s corridor also features Lumos RGB down-lighters, used to ramp up the atmosphere and excitement for those entering the space. These and the chill arch fixtures are also controlled by the Sunlight PC in the second room.

Outside a full architectural exterior lighting scheme will be completed shortly, but for now a Griven Gobo Clip beams "Club Supreme" onto the entrance to let club-goers know that they have arrived.