March and April were big months for the architectural and entertainment design firm Visual Terrain, Inc. With six projects opening from Hollywood to Madrid, and several points in between, company designers were racking up their frequent flyer miles.

In California, Visual Terrain's Lisa Passamonte Green, Erin Powell, and Dawn Hollingsworth completed lighting design for the parking areas and public plaza of Hollywood's renovated Cinerama Dome movie complex, as well as lighting on the dome itself. Further east, Green and Eileen Thomas designed Phase I of Spotlight 29 Casino in the desert town of Twentynine Palms. Site coordination responsibilities were handled by Matt Levesque, Erin Powell, and Francis Mempin.

In Cincinnati, OH, Lisa Passamonte Green acted as installation supervisor and Jeremy Windle was project designer on the Tomb Raider ride at Paramount's Kings Island themepark. Adrienne Klotz was programmer on the project. Across the Ohio River, in Newport, KY, Eileen Thomas was project designer on a new GameWorks entertainment center, with coordination provided by Matt Levesque and programming by Andrew Webberly.

Hershey's Really Big 3-D Chocolate Show, an interactive experience for visitors to Hershey's Chocolate World(R) in Pennsylvania, benefitted from the design efforts of Jeremy Windle, with Dawn Hollingsworth acting as principal and Mark Matkanin as programer.

Finally, Erin Powell finished show programming for The Hollywood Special Effects Lab at Warner Bros. Movie World in Madrid, Spain. Too bad it's in color, or they could Hershey's chocolate to simulate the blood.

For more information about Visual Terrain, go to their website.