For Incubus’ second world tour, Bandit Lites UK and US are supplying the lights in the US and Europe, and LD Joe Paradise, who has worked with the band since 2001, is supplying the designs.

Incubus is known for their intense energy and moody vibes within their music and live performances, so the lighting is integral to capture the onstage atmosphere. Paradise took inspiration from the up-tempo rock numbers and Incubus’ punky infusion singles to design the dramatic lighting at which he excels. The design does not include video, instead Paradise uses the stage as a large canvas for big beam looks and bold, densely saturated color frames, and simple combinations and eye-catching gobo work.

For Incubus’ lengthy European leg of the tour, Paradise and his crew of Geddy Kordyjaka and Jeff Archibeque took a rig out of Bedford-based Bandit UK. The rig is all Martin Professional luminaires–a mixture of 2000 Profiles, MAC 600s, 500s and 300s, plus Atomic strobes, all split between the trusses and the floor. The downstage and mid-stage trusses are straight and there are two cross-trusses running upstage/downstage, gently angled onstage, plus a straight drapes truss upstage. This holds a fiber optic starcloth, fed with mega-bright QFX 150 color changing fiber optic light sources. Paradise is using one of the new Martin Maxxyz consoles for control.