Well-known lighting product engineer Woody Smith, most recently of Hubbell Entertainment, has announced the formation of WDG, a new firm to provide consulting services to makers of architectural lighting products. Smith says that, in the process of helping Hubbell develop its soon-to-be-released Helux™ line of automated lighting products, his team dealt in concepts that have gained broad appeal in the lighting industry. “A lot of the ideas in the Hubbell product could be applied to other architectural and entertainment lighting products,” he says. For example, “The industry is moving toward the concept of modularity, taking an existing product and evolving it into new ones.” Smith also notes that he and his team have gained knowledge about outsourcing in China.

Smith adds that he is still involved with other Hubbell vets Harvey Hazelwood and Teddy Van Bemmel in Advanced Architectural Lighting, LLC, the entity that partnered with Hubbell in a co-venture to develop and market the Helux range. Now, however, with the product near completion, he adds, Hubbell “feels comfortable moving ahead with the tack of marketing it themselves.” As a result AAL may look for other projects.

WDG is a separate venture from AAL, however. Smith stresses his team’s broad engineering expertise and willingness to work in a variety of consulting situations. “There’s a big market opportunity in consulting for architectural lighting manufacturers,” he adds. The new company’s contact information is: WDG, 16709 Amber Lake, Weston, FL 33331. Phone: 954-529-8620.