While many lighting professionals have found the light output of the High End Systems x.Spot™ automated luminaire to be acceptable and very usable for many applications, these users and others have requested even more output from the unit for long throw and high ambient light conditions. In response to these requests, High End Systems announces the release of a new, fully modular 2:1 zoom optic system for the x.Spot, along with a new faceted "flat field" reflector. This version of x.Spot is designated x.Spot HO (High Output).

Additional output is primarily achieved through the larger aperture (higher "f stop") and greater efficiency of the 2:1 zoom lens system, while increased color temperature and improved beam uniformity are a result of the faceted reflector. Only High End Systems offers the lighting professional a choice of two zoom systems. For example, a designer could specify 4:1 zoom fixtures for shorter throw, wide projection applications and 2:1 zoom fixtures for longer throw or beam applications where more output is required and an ultra wide zoom range is not critical.

High End Systems begins shipment of x.Spot HO in May. This unit contains 2:1 zoom optics and faceted reflector for maximum output. High End will of course continue to offer x.Spot with 4:1 zoom optics. The 4:1 zoom unit will also now include the faceted "flat field" reflector, thus incorporating the higher color temperature and flattened field benefits of this technology.

Be sure you're clear with your High End Systems production company/rental house on which fixtures you need:

x.Spot - contains 4:1 zoom + flat field reflector for the widest zoom range.

x.Spot HO - contains 2:1 zoom + flat field reflector for maximum output.

Says HES' Robert Mokry, "In several comparisons between x.Spot HO and competitors (including 1,200W units), x.Spot HO has been the clear winner in light output, color temperature and beam uniformity. It truly must be seen to be believed!"

For owners of x.Spots who wish to integrate the 2:1 zoom optics and flat field reflector into existing units:

Because all of the components discussed may be retrofitted to original x.Spots, High End Systems is offering a special x.Spot Owner Loyalty Program through authorized High End Systems dealers through June 15, 2002. A package is being offered at a greatly reduced price to x.Spot owners containing the following items:

2:1 zoom lens
Faceted "flat field" glass reflector
New, longer life Philips MSR 700/SA lamp
New fixture software
Installation instructions

High End Systems will also offer the 2:1 zoom lens and the flat field reflector separately. This allows users to either add the reflector to their 4:1 fixtures, or just the 2:1 lens for users who have already opted to add the flat field reflector. Keep in mind that if any x.Spot is refitted with the flat field reflector, the diffusion on the CTB wheel will need to be removed for maximum benefit and output.

For more information, please check out the High End Systems web site at: www.highend.com