If you are thinking about upgrading your lighting system, check out GE Lighting's new, user-friendly Value*Light™ software package, an upgraded cost-of-light analysis program. The software analyzes the cost of owning and operating a lighting system, compares different systems, and directs customers to the best economic alternative. The software also looks at the estimated investment needed to upgrade the current lighting system and calculates the expected payback period.

Value*Light begins by asking the user to examine the existing lamps in a facility. The program allows the user to change the number of fixtures between the existing system and the alternate. Once the basic information about existing and alternate lamps and ballasts is input from the included database, the program compiles tables and charts and provides economic comparisons between the two systems. If a user is comparing several systems within a facility, an overall estimated payback period for the entire investment can be calculated.

"Whether an individual is responsible for lighting a hospital, hotel, or retail space, our new Value*Light program can dramatically increase the benefits of a facility's lighting and enable the user to make well-informed, confident lighting decisions," said Mary Beth Gotti, manager of the GE Lighting Institute. "It's an added-value tool that is completely customer-driven and enhances the support GE Lighting is able to provide."

The Value*Light software program is downloadable at the above link on the GE website.