Full Sail

, the Florida-based education facility specializing in digital media, audio, film, video, live show production, game design, and computer animation, has purchased a grandMA console and three grandMA ultra-light consoles for its Show Production and Touring Degree program, from North American Distributor A.C. Lighting, Inc.

Dana Roun, program director for Show Production at Full Sail, explains the decision-making process and why grandMA works so well for Full Sail. "We required a console representing current and future industry standards. Our task was to seek out a console not only found in the industry but also a great educational tool. We needed beyond point-of-sale support too. Around the same time, I did a show in Amsterdam. We specified the grandMA at the request of our LD. I saw first-hand the ease of programming and how functional the grandMA console was on typical one-off corporate show. Our LD, Patrick Dierson, was very familiar with the top consoles in the industry including the grandMA. We saw the console being used by a pro, which didn’t hurt our first real test drive.

"What really tied everything together were the educational benefits," Roun continues. "Students are trained in design and visualization aspects plus console operation. This training requires maximum exposure to preshow design and programming. I believe we were the first educational facility to discover one of the most impressive attributes of the grandMA product--free integrated software downloads for any student wishing to design outside of our regular CAD lab facilities. This means students wishing to spend their own time at home could really get the maximum out of this package. Our students will be some of the first trained users entering the industry which will only help their positioning as they compete for jobs. We plan to be a part of the grandMA success story."

Full Sail has over 3,000 active students in six degree programs. The Show Production program graduates a total of around 200 students per year with 85% placement statistics.