A.C. Lighting Inc.

dealer C.I. Tronics of Blumenau, Brazil, held the first in a series of workshops at the popular Chips music venue in Porto Alegre in southern Brazil. The workshop tour is to publicize the Zero 88 Frog range of consoles to Brazilian lighting professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. The highlight of the workshop was a live performance by a local band with the automated lighting controlled by a Fat Frog console.

The staff at C.I. Tronics (Carlos Bandarra, Flávio, Lincoln Araújo, and Arnaldo Borges) with the largest member of the Frog family, the Bull Frog.

The Frog range of consoles offers low-cost, high-quality moving light and conventional control with a simple and intuitive operating syntax. The consoles have been very successful around the world and C.I. Tronics expects them to be just as successful in Brazil. Among the professionals checking out the consoles were designers from the State Theatre, a number of representatives of local lighting rental and production houses and performance venues, as well as freelance technicians and designers. Further workshops showing the range of Frog consoles by C.I. Tronics are planned for Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, and São Paulo.