launches the Pearl Simulator, a useful, time-saving free software download, available at www.avolites.com which provides a virtual interface for Avolites’ popular Pearl 2000 console.

This photo-realistic software enables LD’s, programmers, and operators to start programming a Pearl without a physical console, or to edit existing shows, saving data to a Pearl compatible floppy disk.

Pearl Simulator is also an ideal solution for those learning the console or anyone wanting a first view of the Pearl 2000 console and its user-friendly feature set.

Pearl Simulator is designed to work with the Avolites Visualiser emulation system – uniting both the console and lighting rig in a virtual environment. This is invaluable for situations where programming and set up time is at a premium. Down time can also be optimized and used efficiently on long flights or travel days on the bus. A fully working Visualiser Lighting Rig is now bundled as part of the free Pearl Simulator download.

These two applications may be used in a number of ways:

Pearl operators can use the simulator on its own to edit and update their shows, new users can use the simulator with the Visualiser Rig to learn how to program and anyone can load the pre-programmed Show file to fill the console with movement and color effects, shutter & iris chases, theatre stacks and much more.

In conjunction with this launch, Avolites has slashed the price of the full Visualiser package to £128 when bought over the Internet. Access to the full Avolites Visualiser system allows you to build your own lighting design in the virtual Visualiser Theatre and start programming from a PC.

The Avolites Cache Builder is another free download. This lets you load the consoles just with the fixtures being used, rather than being offered the full personality database – currently over 500 luminaires. This is ideal if you always use specific types of luminaries, making patching and set up even quicker.

For your free download or for further information, please check out the Avolites web site at: www.avolites.com