ENTTEC and LF Software Ltd have signed an exclusive partnership agreement that covers the LightFactory lighting control software which ENTTEC will add to its product line.

"We see it as a need for growing companies to join forces, ENTTEC has a forte in designing products and LightFactory Software Ltd has a track record of producing quality PC software. This synergy is the logical step forward," said Nicolas Moreau MD of ENTTEC. Since ENTTEC will also include a free Limited Edition verson of Light Factory with its Ethernet enabled products, users will now have a professional 36-channel control software that they can then easily upgrade to the full version when they feel the need.

Lightfactory is also fully compatible with the recently released community project Open USB DMX widgetOpen USB DMX widget.

Students and educational institutions will have access to a special reduced education version, combined with the OPEN DMX USB widget this solution is the most cost effective professional lighting control product available. Allowing students and teachers to familiarize themselves with state of the art lighting control systems.

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