, long known for its scrolling color changers, is taking its knowledge of color mixing and branching out. Nexera is a new family of luminaires that feature dichroic CMY color mixing. It uses glass-color media to provide a wide array of color that can be gracefully faded through the entire spectrum. Quiet servo movement, combined with convection cooling, means these fixtures can be used on any stage without incurring the wrath of the sound department. Nexera is bright, efficient, and easy to use.

Wybron’s Nexera Wash Light

The Nexera will initially be available in two models, a Wash light version and a 25-40 degree profile Spot version.

Nexera is an incandescent fixture with a dichroic CMY color changer. Color consistency over time is assured, because the glass filters will not fade with heat or age. The chosen color is easily selected using any two of the three DMX control channels. Color fades are smoothly accomplished with your choice of color path from one color to the next. It was designed with efficiency in mind. Using a 575W lamp, the output is over 8,000 Lumens. For the Wash version, changing the beam angle is done by moving one or both lenses to optimize output over the range of beam shaping.

The Nexera ellipsoidal spotlight zooms from 25-40 degrees with handy detents at 26 and 36 degrees, so it is easy to set up an entire show's worth of fixtures and set them to the same zoom angle. It has four stainless steel, Teflon-coated shutters with an effects slot for pattern rotators or other accessories. Wybron’s Goboram II would be an ideal companion since the power supplies are the same.

To maintain a cool beam, a dichroic reflector is used to absorb most of the infrared energy generated by the lamp. Convection cooling is used throughout the entire family, meaning no fans, making for a quiet unit. When the color needs to change, the combination of a precision mechanism and a servo system designed for quiet movement ensures the audience will never hear your light cues.

The Nexera use the same family of Coloram II power supplies, 6-way, 12-way or 24-way. These power supplies provide power and signal to each head in one combined cable for ease of wiring. Each unit has an in and out for daisy-chaining together and for making setup easier. Diagnostic information is available about each head connected to the supply. The dimming circuit can be supplied with your choice of connector.