Elation Professional has come up with a way to double the power and brightness of a strobe light. The company introduced two revolutionary DMX strobe effects, the Protron Color and Protron Star, each of which projects a powerful 1500W output from a 750W lamp.

The Protron Color and Protron Star multiply their wattage using a breakthrough feature called "Flash Burst." The Flash Burst feature enables the Protron Color and Protron Star to flash at a super high speed, about three times as fast as a conventional strobe (up to 15 flashes per second). This ultra-fast flashing creates a blinder effect that intensifies the strobe's output to 1500W.

However despite their intensely brilliant output, the Protron Color and Protron Star will not overheat and "thermal out," because the fixtures utilize advanced Thermal Sensing Technology preventing them from becoming too hot.

"The Protron Color and Protron Star represent a remarkable breakthrough in strobe light technology," said John Lopez, sales manager for Elation Professional. "These super high-power units are great for larger venues, or any club or installation that wants an incredibly brilliant strobe effect."

Both the Protron Color and Protron Star are DMX compatible, allowing them to be run from any standard DMX-512 controller. The high-speed Flash Burst feature becomes operational when the units are in the DMX Mode. Both fixtures also include a Stand Alone mode with selectable flash intensity and speed. Each unit comes equipped with a 750W ZB-300 lamp.

Protron Color

Along with its ultra-brightness, the Protron Color offers the ability to strobe in multi colors. It includes a scroller with three colors-—red, blue and yellow. Split colors can also be created. Since the Protron Color utilizes conventional color gels, it also offers the option of even greater color versatility. Users can simply substitute their own gels in different hues to strobe in any custom colors they desire.

The Protron Color includes five DMX channels to operate all its features: Flash Speed, Flash Dimmer, Power Burst function, Color, and Motor Speed. In the Stand Alone mode, the Protron Color also features selectable color or color scroll.

Protron Star

The Protron Star projects the same Flash Burst intensity as the Proton Color, however it strobes exclusively in white. It comes with three DMX channels for Flash Speed, Flash Dimmer, and a Power Burst function.

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