DHA Lighting has announced the appointment of five new dealers in the Far East and Scandinavia.

In the Asia Pacific Region, DHA has long worked with Ken Production Services, Japan, but now adds Singapore-based De Sisti Asia, distributors of motion picture and television lighting equipment, to its list of resellers. In Israel, Danor Theatre Systems Ltd, a design, production, stage studio lighting and control company, is now a re-seller of the DHA Digital Light Curtain and moving effects.

In Scandinavia, AVAB Sweden stocks DHA gobos while Svensk Film & Ljusteknik, Sweden (SFL) and West Lighting, Finland, stock DHA gobos, moving effects, and the Gecko.

Commenting on the Joint DHA managing directors Diane Grant and Wyatt Enever state: "At DHA we believe we have the best products available and so naturally want the best companies to work with us. Our customers are internationally orientated and having top line distributors enables us to see DHA equipment in a diverse range of venues around the world".

Contact DHA dealers:

AVAB Sweden, Laura O'Brien, telephone +46 317 555 200,
or email laura.obrien@avabscand.com

Danor Theatre Systems, Ram Redler, telephone +972 354 102 66,
or fax +972 354 907 57

Desisti Asia, Baxter Chew, telephone +653 827 622,
or email desisti@singnet.co.sg

Ken Productions, Ken Lammers, telephone +814 554 722 88,
or email kpsken@gol.com

SFL, Bertil Walestrand, telephone +46 854 551 820,
or fax +46 854 551 839

West Lighting, Johan West, telephone +35 832 225 8600,
or email johan@westlighting.com

Alternatively contact the relevant DHA Sales Manager:

Asia & Far East, Julie Harper, telephone +44 20 7771 2900,
or email julieh@dhalighting.co.uk

Benelux, Nigel Sadler, telephone +44 20 7771 2900,
or email nigels@dhalighting.co.uk