Exciting changes are taking place at DHA Lighting. To improve its service to customers, the company is restructuring, moving to new premises and changing its name.

The moves comes as the result of a partial management buyout in which directors Diane Grant and Wyatt Enever have increased their stake in the company and key staff are being given the opportunity to become shareholders.

Diane Grant

Wyatt Enever

“David Hersey had the foresight to realize that if the DHA brand and reputation are to remain as strong as they are today, structural and strategic changes would be needed,” says Grant.

“The three DHA directors are at different points in their lives: David is ready to reap some of his investment in DHA; Wyatt wants to concentrate on R&D, integrating photographic techniques into laser output on dichroic glass and digital imagery for Scene Change; and I want to steer the company through another phase of growth towards its full potential, Grant continues.”

The three have invested in a new DHA and have bought state -of –the-art manufacturing equipment to make color glass gobos even more affordable. Production and distribution have already been moved to a more suitable location.

“We intend to increase our customer services team to cope with the demand for our brand and are looking for new products to distribute alongside the Derksen range. All of which will be very good news for our customers,” says Grant.

The changes take place on October 1 but DHA will continue to offer the same excellent service to all its customers, without interruption.

The new company will be called DHA Lighting Services Ltd and the customer services, graphics and accounts departments, along with Scene Change (the new company launched last year to bring DHA Lighting’s 30 years of experience in gobo creation and large-format projection for the performing arts into the video age) will be based at Top Floor, Emerson Studios, 4-8 Emerson Street, London SE1 9DU. The phone numbers are 020 7960 0250; 020 7960 0251 (fax). The email address remains the same.

“Everyone at DHA Lighting Services Ltd is really looking forward to continuing to provide their usual level of service and to developing relationships with their customers over the coming months and years,” says Hersey. “The future really is looking very exciting.”

For further information, please follow this link to the DHA Lighting Services Ltd website: www.dhalighting.co.uk