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CONCERTS: Barry Manilow
Seth Jackson sees the world with Barry Manilow’s Live 2002 tour. The lighting package is made up entirely of Martin automated units with Flying Pig Systems control. Sharon Stancavage reports.

SPECIAL EVENT: Carnival in Rio
The greatest party of them all takes place every February in the greatest party town of them all. Peter Gasper lights the Carnival parade, with gear from Syncrolite and Studio Due. Ellen Lampert-Greaux talks to him and to Jimmy Page of Syncrolite.

CLUB: Billboard Live
The hottest spot of Miami’s Ocean Drive. The lineup of gear includes Martin, ETC, Altman, Lycian, James Thomas, JEM, Reel EFX, High End Systems and Doug Fleenor Design.

THEATRE: Chris Parry’s Silver Anniversary
The famed LD looks back at 25 years of lighting, with special emphasis on the productions of his silver anniversary year, plus his interest in unusual equipment choices; a conversation with David Barbour.

THE INDUSTRY: The Mercury Menace
It’s not the disposal of mercury that you have to worry about—it’s the new legislative restrictions that could devastate the industry. Can state governments really outlaw the use of moving lights? Michael Eddy Reports.

TECHNOLOGY: GrandMA Goes to Church
Michael Eddy investigates what happens when a Texas church needs to revamp its control system and takes a chance on a brand new lighting board.

Vari-Lite’s VL6C and 2402. Reviewed by Arnold Serame

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