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AD MATERIALS DUE: April 10, 2002

CONCERTS: The Olympics
The biggest sports event of the year is also the biggest entertainment event of the year. Lighting Dimensions covers a series of events, including the opening and closing ceremonies, designed by Bob Dickinson and the show "Light of the World," designed by John Featherstone. Other events include the concerts at Olympic Medals Plaza, whose Hoberman Arch was built by Entolo, and more. Vari-Lite, Martin, Space Cannon, Syncrolite, Electronic Theatre Controls, High End Systems, Upstaging, Altman, Wybron, Martin, Coemar, Xenotech, Fourth Phase, Vari-Lite, Apollo and Light America are only a few of the companies involved.

by Sharon Stancavage
Creed brings big arena rock back into the forefront with their 'Weathered' tour. LD James 'Poop' Poeping makes use of an impressive lighting package, provided by Upstaging of Chicago. Poeping uses moving lights from High End, Coemar and Martin, as well as a significant quantity of ETC Source Fours. Altman and Thomas also provide conventional fixtures, while Wybron and Morpheus provide color scrollers. The show is also augmented by impressive amounts of pyro from Pyrotek, fog from Reel EFX and strobes from Diversitronics. The lighting rig is held together by trussing from Tomcat, which includes their new Swing Wing truss.

CLUB: On The Gay Circuit with Guy Smith
The world of gay parties and cruises is its own subculture and Guy Smith is one of its top LDs. Lighting Dimensions looks at three of his projects--a gay cruise, and two events, The White Party and The Black Party, all of which use plenty of moving lights from Vari-Lite, Martin, and High End.

Circus: Circus Sarasota.
There's a new circus in town--Circus Sarasota, which is dedicated to bringing back big top entertainment to the town that was once the center of the circus universe. Elation is the key product in this unusual lighting project. Other products included High End Systems Studio Color 250s Technobeams, Iekie 3kW Lumen projectors from Wagner Media in Texas, Jands Echelon 1k board with Hog 1000 chip. The LD used WYSIWYG software.

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
Lighting Equipment provided by Martin Professional, ETC, Wybron, Avolites and Flying Pig Systems.

Also in this issue: Chris Parry, product news and more.

AD MATERIALS DUE: April 10, 2002

It's our most monumental issue ever. Take a look:

The St. Louis Arch
It's the spirit of St. Louis, the city's emblem and it's just been relit by LD Randy Burkett, using units from Syncrolite. Ellen Lampert-Greaux fills you in on the details.

Two of Europe's most visited destinations have gotten gorgeous lighting makeovers. Mike Clark reports. iGuzzini Radius, Platea, Garden Fixtures and Philips are just a few of the companies involved.

The Jefferson Memorial
How to relight this popular monument and make it more energy efficient using a Lutron control system, Special FX glass color filters, Northstar fixtures, Indy fixtures, Winona fixtures, ETC ellipsoidals and Wybron dousers. Project sponsor company, Osram Sylvania, donated all lamps including Icetron induction lamps and the Metalarc series of HID metal-halides in addition to LED units. Amy Slingerland reports.

Hoover Dam Up in Lights
Products include Hydrel 7200 MH1000 spots & floods and Osram Sylvania metal-halide lamps.

Australian War Memorial - The Light Side
Clay Paky Stage Zooms, Geni Gigastrobes, White Light ripple machines, Wholehog II, ELC DMX Showstore recorder, Dataton system, The Gobo Factory glass gobos, are just a few of the products used for this project.

Also: The Mid-Hudson bridge, lit by Color Kinetic, lighting Ground Zero, neon art, and much more...

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