Need a little color in your lighting life, try these two new picks for Color LED lights from AC Lighting and JM Electronics.

Color Block DB4 LED Fixture
The Chromo-Q Color Block from Toronto-based AC Lighting Inc. is a modular block of four DMX-controlled, high output color mixing LED lights, which can be easily configured in stacks or rows to make battens, blinders, or any combination. The high-powered Color Block features a user interface offering hue, saturation and intensity control of each fixture, plus a fully variable effects engine. Chroma-Q is exclusively distributed around the world by AC Lighting.

Color Block DB4

JM Electronics' Color Maker DC-54
The new Color Maker series features digital wireless LED products from JM Electronics. The DC-54 fixture is compatible with all Color Maker series transmitters. It is addressable to one of 127 addresses and uses 162 LEDs to allow 16 million colors. The fixture can be powered by a 12V battery or AC wall adapter, operating at 100% for up to 10 hours and is available in 15º or 70º beam angle.

Color Maker DC-54