Color Kinetics Incorporated

(NASDAQ: CLRK) introduced iColor® Module FX–A new lighting medium in the form of a 6" (15.2 cm) square modular unit for wide-ranging designs that call for singularly controllable points of light, from interior surface designs, to backlit fabrics, to three-dimensional objects.

iColor Module FX incorporates 9 or 36 tri-color LED nodes, mounted on a printed circuit board, and driven by Color Kinetics' custom Chromasic™ microchip. Each LED node within iColor Module FX is individually controllable, whether applied across one unit or a large-scale, multi-unit installation. As a result, designers have a creatively flexible, extensible medium with which to bring complex lighting designs to life, including scrolling text and images, video and animations.

iColor Module FX features simple through holes and board-to-board connectors for versatile mounting options–whether the units are positioned apart or conjoined to form grids and customized shapes. Applications range from simple, color-changing effects to more intricate designs and animations that require the refined level of detail made possible by individually controlled LED nodes.

iColor Module FX is compatible with most Color Kinetics controllers and third-party DMX controllers. To realize its full potential for sophisticated effects, iColor Module FX is optimally controlled by Light System Manager 1.6–Color Kinetics' next-generation, Ethernet-based control system. The integrated software/hardware solution facilitates the authoring, management, and control of show effects that span multiple DMX universes, including animations imported from graphical design packages like Macromedia Flash.

Used with iColor Module FX, Light System Manager 1.6 enables complex designs and installations with minimized time, resources and expense. Current Light System Manager users can upgrade to version 1.6 by contacting

iColor Module FX will be available in August. Light System Manager 1.6 and Ethernet Controller Keypad are now available.