Color Kinetics Inc.

announces that it has been awarded a patent in Hong Kong covering its Chromacore® technology, the digital layer of intelligence that powers Color Kinetics' expansive line of LED-based systems. The patent will further strengthen Color Kinetics' position as the premier provider of intelligent LED illumination systems in Asia.

Chromacore is a technology that applies microprocessor-controlled LEDs to generate millions of colors and dynamic lighting effects without the constraints and complexities of traditional light sources. The technology was awarded a U.S. patent in January 2000, a European patent in 2002, and is now covered by Patent #HK1025416 in Hong Kong, the first of many patents expected to issue in the company's name in Asia.

Color Kinetics' Chromacore-powered systems are widely used throughout Asia today, including installations at the Shanghai Westin Hotel, Cathay Financial Dome in Taipei, high-end fashion retailer HaaT in Tokyo, La Cittadella in Kawasaki, and the Takarazuka University of Art and Design in Osaka, Japan, designed by internationally famed artist James Turrell.

"This patent reflects Color Kinetics' commitment to advancing our technology leadership overseas and meeting global demand for intelligent solid-state lighting systems," said George Mueller, chairman and CEO of Color Kinetics. "We're thrilled for this first of many expected patents to come in Asia."