Coemar USA has announced the appointment of Michael Carattini as director of sales, based in Coemar’s Hollywood, FL headquarters.

This marks a return to Coemar for Carattini, who previously worked as assistant director of marketing for Coemar at its home factory in Castel Goffredo, Italy, before taking a position as director of product sales and marketing with the Obie Company. When Obie was purchased by Westsun, the Coemar US distributorship went to Tracoman, and during that era, Carattini served as vice president of Star-Lite Global Inc.

Carattini brings many years of business and industry experience to Coemar USA. “I am 110% committed to ensuring Coemar’s outstanding and innovative product line is perfectly supported by everyone here at Coemar USA. I have adopted an urgent-response policy to all requests, and that policy will be implemented throughout the company. I am confident that, having experienced our dedication, the industry will respond favorably to our current and upcoming product lines,” he said.

At the same time Coemar has appointed Cheryl Perez as customer service manager of Coemar’s Hollywood, FL headquarters. Cheryl comes to Coemar with a background in the industry, including five years in the customer service department with Martin Professional, two of which she served as manager.

“Cheryl will help us entirely reorganize our service department and focus intensely on our primary objective of providing outstanding customer service and technical support to our clientele. The industry will soon recognize that, in terms of service and support, Coemar has improved immensely,” said Carattini.