In February, ETC Asia completed the installation of the first ETCNet2 networked lighting control system in Asia, at the brand-new Shandong Province Conference Center in Jinan. As a major East Coast Chinese city of over 5.3 million people and a provincial capital, Jinan needed a state-of-the art conference center. Opened on March 18, the center features a 1,500-seat main auditorium, a hotel, and a conference hall. The auditorium includes box seating at the orchestra level and is designed to accommodate conferences and concerts. This is the second largest such government conference center in China, second only to the one in Beijing.

ETC Asia field technician K.K. Yeung braved subzero temperatures while installing the new system during the building’s construction. According to Yeung, Shandong’s lighting rig features a 1,500-channel ETC Obsession® II with redundant tracking, two Obsession II remote consoles, four ETCNet2 DMX nodes, two mergers, three opto-splitters, 72 5° Source Fours®; 48 10° Source Fours, and four 25-50° Source Four Zooms. The architectural house lights are also controlled by a Unison® CME processor with one HSR12 Sensor® dimming rack.