BSR E1.15, Entertainment Technology - Recommended Practices and Guidelines for the Assembly and Use of Theatrical Boom & Base Assemblies

, is available for public review and comment through 17:00 Eastern Time on January 28, 2003. Theatrical boom and base assemblies are usually simple things to support a few lighting instruments -- a vertical pipe screwed into a heavy base -- but they can be a hazard if not assembled and used properly. This draft standard is intended to help reduce the probability of a boom toppling or a lighting instrument falling from one. Comments on the draft standard are being invited from the public to ensure that the document represents the consensus of the entertainment lighting industry.

The draft standard can be obtained by visiting http:// and downloading it from the website, or by writing and requesting a copy from:

Karl G. Ruling
Technical Standards Manager
875 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1005
New York, NY 10001
Fax 1-212-244-1502