Hughie’s Audio-Visual & Computer Rentals

in Cleveland, OH, recently hired Brad Schiller to assist with a halftime presentation for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The NBA basketball team used the last game of the season to announce its new team logos and colors. Moments after the buzzer sounded, marking the end of the game’s first half, the arena lights switched off and the show began. Utilizing 16 Martin Mac 2000 Profiles and one High End Systems Catalyst system, the 10-minute show featured a choir, legendary Cavalier players, and a special video presentation.

"The keystone correction feature of the Catalyst software was a significant attribute of this production," Schiller comments. "I was able to adjust the geometry of the image to perfectly project onto the square surface laid out onto the basketball court." Custom color as well as metal gobos in the Mac 2Ks helped display the three new logos. In addition to the lighting equipment brought into the venue, the production also tapped into the arena’s permanently installed Clay Paky lighting system.

While Schiller was busy programming the lighting and Catalyst with a Flying Pig Systems Wholehog II, the crew personnel from Hughie’s Audio Visual who installed and maintained the rig were: production consultant Brian Lackritz, project coordinator Rick Kish, lighting technician Jeff Baxter, video technician Howard Goforth, and assistant lighting technicians Dale McFarland and Wendy Lance.

Since departing from High End Systems in late January, Brad Schiller has been busy programming automated lighting for many productions including Zwan (LD Lawrence Upton), the official 45th Annual Grammy post-awards celebration (LD Art Rich), and IBM’s "Shape the Future" tour. A complete portfolio and contact information for Brad Schiller can be located at or e-mail