Interactive Technologies, Inc. released Figment DMX™ version 5.1, which adds next-generation Bluetooth® wireless connectivity features to the award-winning Figment DMX lighting console software package for Palm OS compatible PDAs. The company also released a new Sidewinder Bluetooth Module that easily adds Bluetooth wireless functionality to the its Sidewinder family of DMX interfaces.

With Figment 5.1 running on a Bluetooth enabled PDA, users can use Figment to focus fixtures, tech moving lights, run show files, perform diagnostics, view console channel levels and more by wirelessly connecting to a Sidewinder DMX interface that has been outfitted with a Sidewinder Bluetooth Module.

Bluetooth is a new 2.4 GHz wireless technology that enables users of handheld devices such as PDAs, laptops and cellular phones to easily connect to each other for file transfers, phone book lookups, wireless audio and more. Adding a Bluetooth Module to the Sidewinder DMX interface allows a PDA running Figment DMX with built-in Bluetooth communications to wirelessly connect to the DMX interface at distances up to 200 feet (60 meters) and more without any additional cumbersome attachments to the handheld PDA.

"Adding Bluetooth wireless technology to our powerful Figment and Sidewinder combination gives our users new freedom to make the most out of their lighting control tasks" says Rob Johnston, president and director of engineering. "One user may want to control lights that are 2 feet away and another will want to be 200 feet away - but both of these users will be elated that they no longer have to be tethered to their PDA."

Figment DMX version 5.1 is available now for free download from the company’s website at