Bandit Lites is a proud sponsor of the Martin Flitton Racing Ltd. team on the Porsche Supercup Series. The team is known as Star Racing. Porsche Supercup races prior to each Formula One race with specially modified Porsche cars. The Martin Flitton team has two cars, both of which now carry the Bandit Lites logo. The drivers are Jesper Carlsen and Jamie Hunter. The cars are Porsche 911 type GT 3 Cup. Each vehicle has over 370bhp and can accelerate to an astonishing 290kph (180mph). A Porsche GT 3 goes from 0 to 100kph (62mph) in under four seconds.

Bandit plans to be involved in this endeavor for many years to come. The Star Racing team is based in Newbury, England, under the guidance of Martin Flitton. This is its inaugural season in the Supercup Series. The Bandit presence on Formula One is already substantial as Bandit works with the Orange Arrows F1 team to illuminate their cars every race at the fan viewing area. Phay MacMahon from Bandit is traveling with the F1 circuit as production coordinator for the Orange Arrows display team.

MacMahon notes that the tie between Bandit and Flitton's Supercup race team is a natural progression of what Bandit is all about. The Porsche Supercup sponsorship allows Bandit to participate in an associated industry that shares the same high goals and standards of Bandit Lites.

The last race of the season this year is in Indianapolis and the Bandit Lites US management team will be on hand to take the Porsches on a test trip around the track. This "sponsors day" event allows the team sponsors to drive in the cars. The excitement at Bandit is high as they all look forward to the good time at Indy.

Phay MacMahon himself is a racing enthusiast and in fact was a competitive race driver in Ireland prior to his career in entertainment, so the tie to F1 and Porsche Supercup holds special significance to him. "I am getting back to my origins," he says. Bandit Lites is grateful to Martin for allowing them the opportunity to participate is this event.