That Little Ol’ Band from Texas has come out with a new album and they are on the road in support of Medcaler. The “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers Tour” opened on April 25, 2003. In thirty-four years, ZZ Top has had plenty of time to perfect their uniquely American sound that is deeply rooted in the blues. Known for memorable and elaborate stage shows, ZZ Top, in a departure from the norm, has a stage that has taken a turn toward the minimalist look. Two men, one drummer and lights—lots of lights. Chris Stuba is the man in charge of creating the lighting design for the tour and Bandit Lites’ John Archibeque will assist as Bandit Technician. The highlight of the design is the use of 22 new High End Systems (HES) X-Spot® Xtreme fixtures. The rig consists of seven loaded trusses. The mid and downstage trusses each contain seven of the new X-Spots® and fourteen HES Studio Beams. The trusses located at the stage left and stage right position are hung with 2 X-Spots® and 4 Studio Beams each, with the remainder of the X-Spots® and Studio Beams located on the stage itself. There are sixteen HES Cyberlights located on a curving upstage truss. In addition to the moving head fixtures, there are two trusses that contain static fixtures. The show is run from two Whole Hog consoles with wings. “It is an honor and privilege to be associated with such a legendary act as ZZ Top. The Band as well as Production staff is of the highest caliber and we look forward to a very bright future working with ZZ worldwide.” Said Michael Golden, Bandit Lites Vice President. Bandit Lites London is now working on the tour as it covers Europe. The band will return to North America in late August and continue to tour through to December.

Bandit Lites Supplied Gear:
22 - X-Spot® Xtreme
34 - Studio Beam PC
17 - Cyberlight Litho
8 - ETC Source 4 Lekos
6 - Monster 9 Lite
33 - 6 Lampbar
2 - ETC 72 Way
2 - Whole Hog II Consoles with Wings
29 - 3E CM Motor