New to the Bandit roster of clients for 2002 is Acquire the Fire's Unshakeable tour with lighting designer Danny Zacharias. This festival of inspirational speakers and Christian bands, set to tour theatres and arenas across the US, is geared to teenagers struggling with their faith. With multiple groups playing on the same stage versatility is key. The system is a predominantly High End Systems moving-light package.

Also in the works is country music crossover band Lonestar, heading out for a Canadian tour in February in support of its album I'm Already There. The package of High End Systems moving lights provides lighting designer Alex Krompic with versatility and the ability to fill any size venue with light.


Lighting Designer
Danny Zacharias

Assistant Lighting Designer/Lighting Director
Shawn Worlow

Crew Chief
Chris Schultz

13 sections double loaded Pre-Rigged Truss
11 sections 10'x20.5" truss
2 sections 5'x20.5" truss
4 sections 10'x12" truss
10 sections 8'x12" truss
6 sections 5'x12" truss
4 12" corner block
4 12" truss hinge
4 PAR-64 4-lamp ACL bars
4 8-lites
12 ETC Source Four 26º
6 Martin MAC 500s
6 High End Systems Studio Beam PCs
12 High End Systems Cyberlights
2 ETC Sensor 72-way dimmer racks
1 Flying Pig Hog 1000 desk
1 Bandit Lites 30-way custom hoist control desk
22 Coffing 1-ton chain hoists
1 High End Systems F-100 fogger
1 Reel EFX DF-50 hazer


Lighting Designer
Alex Krompic

Production Manager
Todd Ortmeier

Crew Chief
Mike Frogge

5 sections double loaded Pre-Rigged Truss
5 sections 20.5" truss
4 sections 12" truss
4 20.5" truss hinges
5 8-lites
5 PAR-16s
3 single-cell cyclights
10 High End Systems Studio Colors
10 High End Systems Studio Spot 18º
2 High End Systems Studio Spot 30º
2 ETC Sensor 72-way dimmer racks
1 Flying Pig Wholehog II consoles
1 Bandit Lites 20-way custom hoist control desk
12 Coffing 1-ton chain hoists