Bandit Lites

is equipping two tours starring perennially popular icons from the 1970s

. LD Mike Frogge is on the road with Donny Osmond, who is embarking on the world tour in support of his UK platinum album Somewhere in Time. “Donny has legions of fans all around the world and it’s an absolute honor to be on this tour with him,” said Richard Willis, Bandit Lites VP. The tour began in the UK and moves stateside this spring.

Bandit-Supplied Gear:
10 MAC 2000
6 MAC 500
5 MAC 300
3 Lycian 2kw Xenon
22 6LB PAR 64 Long Black
1 AVO 72 Way 2.4K Digital Dimmer (FD20)
1 Wholehog II console
4 A Type 10’ truss

Lighting Designer: Mike Frogge
. Lighting Technician: Rob Starksfield
Lighting Technician: Pete Bell

> Meanwhile, Bandit Lites is also on the road with LD Dave Davidian as Jackson Browne tours to support his new album The Naked Ride Home. “It’s an honor to work with an artist so prolific as Jackson Browne,” said Mark Powell, general manager of Bandit Lites, London. “The chance to work with Dave has been another highlight of this tour.”

Bandit Lites Gear:
7 MAC 2000
8 MAC 500
22 6LB PAR 64
16 4LB PAR 64
18 ETC Source Four 19 degree Leko
10 ETC Source Four 26 degree Leko
1 ETC Source Four 50 degree Leko
4 Lycian 1271 Starklite
2 AVO 72 Way 2.4 Digital Dimmer
1 Wholehog Console

: Lighting Designer: Dave Davidian
Crew Chief: Ian Twell
Lighting Technician: Steve “Nipper” Fitch
Board Operator: Andy Siddall