Entertainment industry lighting sales specialist TMB Associates has changed its name to TMB.

The decision to drop 'Associates' from the title was taken last month. "At first we were quite embarrassed about losing our Associates, we couldn't figure out where they'd gone," stated California-based CEO Colin Waters, "but once we got used to it, we decided we really liked it. Everyone knows us as simply TMB, so now we've made it official".

With offices spanning three continents and over 100 full time employees, TMB felt that the term 'Associates' was no longer appropriate for its global, 21st century, commercial operations.

The company has also launched a new logo, reflecting its growth as a diverse, worldwide, and high-tech company. The new logo also echoes elements of the old one, showing a focus on maintaining the friendly, service-oriented operation and attention to detail that’s been a key to TMB's success.

The name-change and the new logo give TMB a more consolidated approach to international trading and marketing. It also helps streamline and integrate the company through its headquarters in Los Angeles, London, New York, and Beijing.

Waters adds, "The changes underscore the close relationship between our worldwide offices. TMB's professional customers can expect the same quality of service, wherever they happen to be on the planet. We're going to keep it that way, as we continue to grow".

TMB is a value-added distributor of entertainment lighting equipment, supplies and services, and has been helping the world's most successful lighting companies for over 19 years. A diverse product range includes all major quality US and European brands used in all areas of performance lighting.

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For further information, please check out the TMB website at: www.tmb.com