ANSI's Board of Standards Review has approved ANSI E1.5-2003, Entertainment Technology - Theatrical Fog made with Aqueous Solutions of Di- and Trihydric Alcohols. This standard is now referenced in ESTA's "A Test Is Worth a Thousand Words" fog testing program and is available for free download from the ESTA website.

The new standard specifies the components of glycol and glycerin fog and the ceiling and the time-weighted-average exposure limits for the fogs. The ceiling limits are rationally based on scientific data and are consistent with the ceiling limits that have been specified in many performer union contracts, but the standard goes beyond those contractual limits by also controlling the time-weighted-average levels. The standard specifies the glycols that can be used in a conforming fog to proscribe irritating, common industrial glycols and ensure that only those glycols for which there is ample, public documentation of their benignity are used.

The ANSI E1.5 standard is available at More information about ESTA's "A Test Is Worth a Thousand Words" fog testing program is available at

ANSI E1.5 was drafted by the Fog & Smoke Working Group, part of the ANSI-accredited standards committee E1, Safety and Compatibility of Entertainment Technical Equipment and Practices. The Entertainment Services and Technology Association is the secretariat for Accredited Standards Committee E1 and provides administrative support to the committee. Membership in the working group is open to all who are affected by its work. Membership in ESTA is not a requirement.

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