André Girard

has joined Los Angeles based ACT Lighting, Inc. where he will be part of the technical sales team, concentrating on the French Canadian market. André has been working in the lighting and sound industry for the last 15 years. Born in Canada, he started out as a lighting designer in the club scene. This led to his involvement in the distribution of professional lighting equipment, such as MA Lighting and Clay Paky, throughout Canada.

André Girard, the newest member of the ACT Lighting team.

In 1997 Girard moved to Germany to work for MA Lighting directly. In Germany, he was responsible for technical support and training all over the world on the grandMA, as well as being part of the development team. In 2001, Girard returned to his native Québec and his geographical location and unique skills ideally place him to take advantage of this important sector of the North American market.

Already Girard has had an impact on grandMA sales in that part of the world with grandMA consoles being purchased by Solotech & Kloda Productions.

"ACT Lighting has a fantastic industry profile, which I am only too happy to be associated with," comments Girard. "As well as being just really nice people and having an unparalleled range of products I think they have real vision as to the direction of the industry and product development in general. I'm really quite excited to be a part of the team."